Billboard permit


The issuance or renewal of permit

Submitting Timing

One day

Service Beneficiary

- UAE citizen - UAE Resident - Gulf citizen - Gulf Resident - Institutions

Required Documents

  1. A high resolution frontage photo of the real state where the billboard will be fixed (if any).
  2. A written approval of the state owner (required in cases such as the animate or embedded billboard)
  3. A copy of a avalid commercial license.
  4. An Arabic copy of the pre-printed advertisement that attached with a copy of the executive agency license.
  5. An approval letter for the brochures publication and distribution from the following government bodies:- National Media Council - Umm Al Quwain Branch for a certain brochures- Umm Al Quwain Museum for a touristic sites brochures- Umm Al Quwain municipality -Planning department for the brochures which includes maps of any of its sites.


  1. Filling the form for the service.
  2. Approving the issuance of the permit by the head of the inspection and permits department.
  3. Fees calculation, payment,and issuance of the permit.

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Billboard permit Department of Economic Development Depending on the size of the billboard