Booking Trade Name


Booking Trade Name for the customer to launch his own project

Service Beneficiary

Governments and Individuals

Required Documents

  1. Original ID + passport copy + email + phone number (for UAE citizens or GCC countries) of license holder
  2. (original ID of the expatriate + passport copy + residence permit of the expatriate + email + phonenumber) of Director-in-charge
  3. Non-objection letter from the sponsor certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the freezone in the case of his residence outside Emirate to Director-in-charge or a copy of the license in thecase of investor residence (required for the branch in case the manager is different from the originallicense)
  4. Letter of adding Director-in-charge sent by the license holder (required for the branch in case the
  5. Ensure from the customer whether the license that will be issued follows the program of Sheikh Saud for Youth Projects or not?
  6. Three written Trade names indicating the activity in Arabic, Translated into English
  7. Power of attorney (in the absence of the relevant person)
  8. Printing the required activities
  9. Email + phone number related to the license Required documents



Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
on demand