Permit for a kiosk or a counter


The issuance or renewal of permit

Submitting Timing

One day

Service Beneficiary

- UAE citizen - UAE Resident - Gulf citizen - Gulf Resident - Institutions

Required Documents

  1. 1- A lease contract. 2- Copy of valid commercial license for which a kiosk or counter is subject to, issued by the emirate of Umm Al Quwain or another emirate. 3- Layout of the kiosk or counter in addition to a site allocating map. 4- A written approval from the owner. 5- Approval of the concerned authorities. 6- Permit request for kiosk or counter.


  1. filling the form for the service.
  2. approving issuance of the permit by the head of the inspection and permits department.
  3. fees calculation, payment, and issuance of the permit.

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Permit for a kiosk or a counter Department of Economic Development 1000 AED