Engage in economic activity in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain" to engage in (industrial, commercial, professional) activity in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain it has to have a license from the Department  of Economic Development, with getting approvals from the ministries and agencies and relevant government institutions - if it is required - according to the following details:
General conditions to engage in economic activity: -
1. Compliance with the regulations and laws applicable in the UAE.
2. Not to do any actions that may affect the security and safety of the community.
3. It is not allowed to any person to practice any activity with profit nature without obtaining a license.
4. Comply with the provisions of Islamic Shari'a.
5. No playing games and practice activities against public morality of all kinds.
6. All kinds gambling are strictly prohibited.
7. Comply with any law to be issued by governmental, official and concerned authorities in the future.
Owner of the license conditions: -
1. The applicant should not be less than 21 years.
2. Must not have expired licenses for more than one month.
3. Meet the special conditions for the intended activity. "
Conditions regarding economic name: -
1. Not to repeat the economic name.
2. Economic name has not a political significance.
3. Economic name should not violate the Islamic Sharia, customs and traditions and does not include any of the names or attributes of Majesty (excluded compound names).
4. Economic name should not violate federally and locally instructions and regulations.
5. Economic name should not be misleading and be identical to the truth.
6. It prefers to be an Arabic and indicative of activity.
7. It is strictly forbidden to write economic name on the state flag or any other state, or any political or religious symbol. Anyone who does not comply with these conditions will be held accountable.
8. The Department has the right to reject or change the proposed Economic name when submitting the application if it doesn’t comply with the conditions above, or deemed it necessary.
9. Economic name is reserved for one year after payment of the prescribed fees. A fee of 300 AED for 3 months and renewed 4 times for one year.
Conditions of technical assessment "for the work site ": -
§ First: organizationally
It is not allowed to open a new facility or transfer an old one next to a facility exercising the same activity unless approved by the department and the site should not be inconsistent with the approved activities distribution on areas and main roads.
§ Second: aesthetically
To be considered the adjacent shops and the compatibility of its activities and size of the existing licenses or shops.
§ Third - health standpoint
It intended to the shops that engage in activities that may affect human health and safety. For more information, please check the inspection section in the department.
§ IV - Security and safety
It intended to the shops that engage in activities that deal with flammable and dangerous substances. For more information, please refer to the civil defense representative in the department.