"Law No. (3) for the year 2009
The establishment of the Economic Development Department
We Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, Ruler of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. After reviewing the Decree No. (1) year of 1995 on the establishment of the Economic Department in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain and based on what the public interest required by law promulgated the following:
Article (1)
In applying the provisions of this Act, the following words and phrases, meanings set opposite each of them, unless the context requires otherwise.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Emirate: Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.
Government: The Government of the Emirate.
Law: Law No. (3) for the year 2009, the establishment of the Economic Development Department
Department: Department of Economic Development established by law
Director: Director General of the Department
Economic activity: any commercial or industrial activity or a craftsman or a professional or service or any similar activity shall be exercised in accordance with the legislation in force.
Article (2)
Arising under this law department called "" Department of Economic Development, "", and replace the Economic Department, and to devolve powers guaranteed by the law and all the assets, rights and obligations of the Economic Department.
Article (3)
The department aims to:
1. Work to achieve sustainable economic development in the emirate, to adopt sound economic policies.
2. organize the business sector and Economic Affairs to propose cutting-edge policies and relevant legislation.
3. programs and plans and development projects set up by adopting the most advanced economic, administrative practices and hiring the most qualified human resources and the use of high technology and expertise in this area.
4. Work to ensure that the economic interests of the Emirate through cooperation with the organs of the United Arab Emirates and international and regional organizations concerned.
5. creating an economic environment based on the accuracy of the information, transparency and the use of technology to enable companies and institutions to benefit from the development of information technology and stand on the investment opportunities available in the emirate, and the provision of suitable climate and dissemination of economic and investment awareness.
Article (4)
To achieve the above objectives, the Chamber competent to exercise all the functions and powers to engage in economic activities related to the control and supervision, and has particularly the following:
1. proposal for economic policy and the draft economic development plan for the emirate in cooperation with government departments and stakeholders for approval.
2. Preparation of plans and development programs needed to implement the economic policy and projects after approval.
3. Find advanced legislative environment by proposing legislation regulating economic activity in the emirate within the scope of the constitutional principles that govern the relationship between the Union and the UAE control and work to be activated in order to achieve the objectives of the emirate.
4. exercising the powers prescribed local authority competent in the emirate set out in the relevant federal legislation, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
5. Place the necessary rules for granting licenses for economic activities and extended and modified procedures and controls, and in the framework of legislation and regulations in force and in coordination with other concerned authorities to license some of the activities.
6. regulate the issuance of licenses for all economic activities in the emirate and procedures in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations in force in coordination with the relevant parts of the emirate and the state.
7. classification of economic activities in the emirate and licenses and the preparation of publications, including data that allows for stakeholders Astsaddarha ..
8. individual institutions owned by a natural person and one license in accordance with the terms and conditions and decisions in force.
9. put the rules on the issuance of permits and commercials liquidation, downloads and special offers and promotions.
10. propose the fees payable for services provided by the department and Astsaddarha of the competent authority.
11. The proposal to exempt certain activities as a catalyst for the prosperity of the entire fee or a percentage of them and display the exemption to the competent authority for Astsaddarh.
12. Develop and maintain a commercial register and the supervision of the organization.
13. Data on the indicators and variables related to the economy of the emirate, and the study and analysis of local, regional and global economic indicators and to develop predictions about and study their impact on the emirate's economy base preparation, as well as the preparation of the overall indicators of long and medium plans and short-term as it involves objectives and policies in cooperation with other competent bodies, including in line with the strategies and visions of the emirate.
14. conclusion of memoranda of understanding and the holding of economic agreements and follow-up activity of economic organizations and the establishment of international and regional economic exhibitions and according to the laws and regulations in force in coordination with the concerned authorities.
15. Work on the development and support of the industrial sector in the emirate in coordination with the concerned authorities.
16. establishment of export development, supervision and work to achieve its objectives and its activation center, and the proposed establishment of any other centers belonging to the circle, to serve the objectives set forth in this law.
17. preparation necessary to activate the role of the private sector studies, and propose policies and strategies developed and developing, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
18. seminars and conferences with the aim of economic enlighten investors about the various economic activities in the emirate, and to participate in seminars and conferences held inside or outside the Emirate in coordination with the concerned authorities.
19. The terms of reference or any other tasks, assigned to the department of government.
Article (5)
Determined by a decision of the President of the Judicial Department in agreement with the Director of the department staff who entrust the status of law enforcement officers in relation to the crimes that fall within their circle names, and be related to their duties in accordance with existing legislation.
Article (6)
- No natural or legal person engage in any economic activity or branch of economic activity issued law organized by or provided for in a decision issued by the department before may obtain a license from the competent, and that shall conform to all the requirements stipulated in the laws and regulations specific to practice This activity.
- If lost or damaged license must apply to the department to get a replacement or corrupted after performing the prescribed fees.
- Anyone who violates the provisions of the first paragraph of this Article shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than two months and not more than six months, and a fine not less than (40,000) thousand dirhams or one of these penalties.
Article (7)
- If the entity delayed the renewal of its license for more than one month from the date of termination, impose a fine of (200) two hundred dirhams for each month of delay or part thereof up to a maximum (4000) four thousand dirhams, and the Department may close the facility, which ended its license for a period of increased (3) three months.
- Chamber may exempt the licensee of the license for a period of non-renewal fees, the license holder when presented proof of non-practicing the activity throughout the period of suspension.
Article (8)
1. Subject to the provisions attached table and without prejudice to any more severe penalty provided for in this Act or any other law, anyone who violates the provisions of this Act and the rules and regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof, a fine of not less than (1000) thousand dirhams and not more than (100,000 punished ) one hundred thousand dirhams.
2. The competent judicial arrest officer when editing the record shows that reconciliation on the violator, and proves it in prepared.
3. On the violator who accepts reconciliation to be repaid within a period not exceeding three months from the date of the offer of reconciliation, a sum equivalent to half the value of the fine specified in the table attached, and the payment to the Treasury Department.
4. expire criminal case to pay the amount of reconciliation.
Article (9)
- Economic Department staff are working to the same circle their owners and functional allowances.
Article (10)
- The department set up its organizational structure in preparation for the release of the Director's decision after the governor's approval.
Article (11)
1. issue a ruling or his authorized representative upon the submission of Director, rules and regulations and decisions relating to economic activities and procedures for practice and control in accordance with the legislation in force in the state and the emirate
2. The Director shall issue regulations necessary for the classification of the relevant competence of the department activities and decisions.
Article (12)
Work continues with regulations and decisions, including the fees and licensing schedule in implementation of the provisions of Decree No. 1 for the year 1995 not inconsistent with the provisions of this law until the issuance of regulations and decisions necessary to implement it.
Article (13)
Any text or decision contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of the law.
Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla
Ruler of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain
Issued under the signature at the Emiri Diwan
10 Muharram 1431 AH
27th December 2009